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Friday, November 11, 2011

postheadericon *Christmas Bliss Elias*

Christmas Bliss Elias

click on tag to see orgianl size

This tutorial was written by me ShastaMarie on 11/11/2011
All ideas are mine. Some supplies are provided by me.

Scrapkit used:
- Christmas Bliss by Scraps Dimensions

Template used:
- # 108 by Addictive Templates

Tube used:
- Ivelisse by Elise Chatzoudis
You must have a license number to use his work

- Inspiration
Any type of script font can be used

Effects used:
Xero - Fritillary
Tramages - Gradient/Spokes

Papers used:
paper 1
paper 2
paper 3
paper 4
paper 5

Elements used:
Heart String
Holly 2
Pointsetta 2
Pointsetta 3
Snowflakes (optional)

Supplies Provided

Lets begin!!!
Open up template, shift+D, x out orginal template and use duplicate template to work on.
Resize whole template 80%.

Go to your supply folder and paste each one of the glitter layers behind each layer of your template. When you get done it will look like you have a glitter frame around each layer. Each glitter layer already has a drop shadow on them.

Next choose which papers you are going to use for each layer. For each layer you have to go to Selections, select all, float, defloat, paste paper, invert, delete, select none. Do this for each layer of your template.

Next Cchoose which elements you will you. Resize them to your liking. I resized mine by at least 40%. You can make yours bigger or smaller depends on what you like. Potion them where you like. You can look at my tag for a guideline but everyone idea's are different. Add a drop shadow if you want to.

Next choose your tube the bigger one 1st, go to the 2nd layer and selection, select all, float, defloat, paste tube, put in position, invert, delete, select none. Then copy and paste your tube you just placed, mirror the image and move to the other side of the box. Opacity 70, Luminance.

Next choose the next smaller tube and do the same thing for the circle layer of your template. After you have Selection, select all, float, defloat, paste tube, invert, delete, select none, add a drop shadow to the tube, settings for drop shadow is 0-0-50-5, then add the Luminance to it.

Next part you can add some effect to your tag if you want to. I added the Fritillary effects to 2 of my layers using the settings 5-20-50-50. You can set your settings to what you like. I also added the Gradient/Spokes effects to one of the silver layerd square. It is all up to you what you want to add for effects in this area, as I said before everyone has different ideas :)

Next choose the pink layer of your template, go to the supplies and grab the word art and place it ontop of this pink layer. You can look at my tag for a guideline.

Next choose your tube again and place it in the middle of your tag, add a drop shadow if you want to. If you want to make is look like mine and have the soft look you have to paste your tube twice, make the bottom tube blured and then the top layer soft light. If you have trouble doing this just use one layer of your tube and add a drp shadow.

Last add your name where you would like it to be, add your snowflakes, sparkles, ©Info, License number, go to layers, merge, merge visible, save as a png file to your pc. And you are done!!

If you have any trouble with this tutorial send me an email at sweetshasta@gmail.com or you can message me on facebook or even on yahoo messenger at ahunny4u2n with any questions you may have and I will be glad to help you out.

Happy Taggin