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Friday, November 11, 2011

postheadericon *Cute & Pink*

Cute & Pink


I am using PSP 9 but should work in any version

SCRAP KIT: Cute But Bad by Kristin
you can find it Here

You can download it Here

Okay Lets Begin........

Open up a new canvas 650 x 650 depends on how big you want your tag.

Go to your papers and pick out what paper you want to use.
I used Paper #31. Paste paper 31 as a new layer.

Next add your mask to your paper. Go to Layers, then Go to load/save mask, then
Load mask from disk, then Find your mask you want to use and click load. I am using WSL_Mask220. After you have added your mask go back up to Layers then to Merge and merge group so then ur paper and mask are one layer. Resize to 90% or you can leave it orginal size.

Next you want to go into your elements and grab your splat element and copy and paste it as a new layer ontop of your 1st layer. You can resize it if you think it is to big, I left mine the orginal size. And I also used it 2 times so you can copy and paste it as many times as you want.

Next go back to your elements and grab your wire 3 and copy and paste it on top of the glitter layer. Resize if you want to. I resized mine to 90%

Next you want to go back to elements and grab your Frame 2 and copy and paste it as a new layer ontop of the wire and resize it to 70%. You can sharpen the frame if you think it looks to blurry. Add a drop shadow if you would like or add it later.

Ok now this is the tricky part of the frame, make sure you already have your paper picked out you want to put behind your frame, once you have it selected copy it but dont paste it yet. Click on your frame to make it the active layer and then grab your magic wand and click inside of the frame, make sure you have your shift key held down so you can click inside of each box, once you have it all selected go up to selection-modify-expand 5 then click ok, then paste your paper as a new layer and then go to selection-invert-then click your delete button. Now mover your paper layer behind the frame.

Now go back into the elements and pick out 3 different elements you want to use to add into the boxes of your frame. I am using skull 3 (resized 40%), butterfly 2 (resized to 35%) and Bow 1 (resized to 35%), then I placed them in the boxes where I wanted them to be. You can place them where you want them to be.

I added an EyeCandy Gradient glow to each of the elements then added a drop shadow to them. You dont have to do this if you dont want to. Its up to you.

Next I added my name and I used the Impact Font and it was size 80 and I used color #fe3dc1 I then added the EyeCandy Glass effect to it and settings are 10-0-10-0-50-0-0 Glass color white. Then move your name to where you want it placed. I placed my under the frame a lil. Add a drop shadow if you want one. I also added another name ontop of the bigger one but in a script kinda font. You dont have to do this if you dont want to. Please make sure this layer is on top of all the other layers.

After I placed my name to where I wanted it I then went back to my elements and picked out different ones and placed them where I wanted them and resized them to look good. You can place yours where ever you want them to be and resize to your liking. Be creative!! Don't forget them Sparkles....lol

Once you have all your elements placed where you want them and everything is set, merge all your layers and resize to your liking, copy and paste it as a new image and then save it as a png file and your done. Make sure you go back to your orginal tag and unmerge your layers and then save it as a pspimg so you can use your tag later on and add different names.

You can look at my tag as a guide and I hope it helps. If you have any questions you can reach me at sweetshasta@gmail.com I also have yahoo messenger and you can reach me there to.

Dont forget to put drop shadow of choice to any of the layers.
If you are using a Tube to this tag please make sure you enter your name and ©copyright info to your tags.

Thanks for trying my 1st tutorial.