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Friday, November 11, 2011

postheadericon *Emo Cutie VM*

 Emo Cutie VM

Tube of choice: I'm using the wonderful art work of VeryMany
Which you must obtain a license to use at

Scrapkit used
Emo Cutie by Kristin here

Fonts Used
Impact and Al Sandra

*~*Lets begin*~*

Open up a new canvas 600x600

open up any solid color paper-add mask of
your choice-merge group-copy and paste
as new layer in new image

open up frame-copy and paste into image
as new layer-resize 60%

open up beaded string-copy and paste as
new layer-resize 40%. You will need 2 of
these so you have to do this twice. After
resizing move them to the corners of the
frame. The one on the right hand side you
need to mirror image.

next click on frame to make active layer.
use your magic wand to click inside each
side of frame-selection-modify-expand-5-ok
pick out the paper you would like (I used paper
18) and copy and paste it as a new layer-selection-
invert-delete-selection-select none. Move your paper
layer to the bottom of your frame.

Choose the tube that you are going to use, make
sure you have your paper layer active, Click on selection-
select all-float-defloat-paste your tube and move to your
likeing-selection-invert-delete. Then copy and paste the tube
layer you just made as a new layer-mirror image and move
to the other side of frame and make sure its below frame.

next copy and paste your tube that you picked out
as a new layer, move to the center of your frame, take
the selection tool and make a square around the bottom
1/2 of your tube and delete so you have the top 1/2
of your tube. You can add a drop shadow if you want
to your tube.

go into your elements and grab the pink or purple bow.
copy and paste as new layer, resize 40% and move to the
bottom corners of your frame. You will need 2 bows so
you will have to resize 2 of them and mirror one image.

*~*Adding your name*~*

Time to add your name. Open up paper 2 and click on add
text, Use font impact-size 80-make sure you have your
create as set to selection-apply text-copy and paste into
your tag as a new layer. Move name to middle of ribbons.
Go to effects-plugins-eyecandy-glass-settings-10-0-10-0-50-0-0
glass clor white-ok. Then effects-plugins-eyecandy-weave-settings
8-1-0-0-0 fill with black-ok. Add drop shadow.

next go to elements and grab your emo cutie text and copy
and paste as new layer on top of your name.

next add a script like name on top of the larger name. You can
use any style font you like. I used Al Sandra size 55 on mine. I
also added a eyecandy gradient glow to mine with a drop shadow.
You can be creative here with it anyway you would like.

Last but not least add your sparkles and your © copyright info
and your licence # and you are done. Merge your layers
and save as a png.

Hope you liked this tutorial and I would love to see
the creations you make. If you have any trouble with
this tutorial you can reach me at sweetshasta@gmail.com
with any questions you may have.