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Friday, November 11, 2011

postheadericon *Zlata Star*

Zlata Star

Tube Used - Brunett by Zlata_M
You must have a licence # from PFD
to use this tube.

Scrapkit used - EmoStar by Addictive Pleasures

Template used Emo Star by Adiictive Templates

Effects used:
Gradient Glow

Step 1. Open up template - shift+d to copy template. X out orginal template.
Resize template to 80%. Image-canvas size 700x700 to give you a work area. Delete baground layer and delete info layer. I also deleted the raster 6 layer as I didnt want to use that layer. That is up to you.

Step 2. Open up the papers layers in your kit. You want to choose 6 different papers as there is 6 different layers to add papers to. All these layers we are going to use the select all-float-defloat-copy paper-invert-delete-delete orginal layer in this tag. This is how I pasted all my papers in my template...
Bottom layer - paper 9
Circles = paper 6 ( I merged these circles together to make it easier)
Black layer = paper 11
Blue stripes = paper 7
Purple layer = paper 8
Blue circle = paper 5
You can use any papers you want for any layers you want. I mainly tried to match each colored paper to each layer. make sure you delete the orginal layers after u pasted your layers.

Step 3. Tube time. This is where u choose the tube to your liking. I used a tube from Zlata_M.
You can also use the tube of your choice. You can also add effects to your tube also. I copied my tube 2 times in a new image and added a blur to the bottom layer then added hard light to the top layer then merged them together to get the effect. Click on the large circle-select all-float-defloat-paste tube-move to your liking-invert-delete. Then add the luminance effect to your tube to blend in with the circle.. You can also add you tube to different places in your tag like i did. I added it to my small circles and I took the same steps as I did with the big circle. It is your choice if you would like to add your tube to more than 1 place.

Step 4. Creativity Time. This is where you grab all the elements you want to use and place them where you want your tag to "pop". The elements I used in my tag are...
bow 2
bow 3
blue star
black star
blue stars
I resized all of my elements to the size i wanted which is usually 30-50%. You can make yours the size you want to. That is why I call it the "Creativity Time"

Step 5. Last but not least add your name in the font you would like. Add your ©info and your licence number to your tag, delete any layers you are not useing or have crossed out. Merge your layers, save as a png file. You are done!!!
Happy taggin. Would like to see your creations :)